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  • Dental Sealants for Adults and Kids

    What is a dental sealant?

    A dental sealant is a coating of thin resin that is applied directly on the chewing surfaces of healthy, cavity-free back teeth, where decay occurs...


Using Technology to Assist You with Your Dental Experience

A bad dental experience can make it difficult for you to receive any future dental care. We understand that our patients may feel apprehensive about visiting our office, so we deliver nurturing, friendly service. Before we begin, Dr. Mansperger will explain the procedure in detail and take time to answer questions and calm your nerves. Our team emphasizes sensitive, compassionate treatment for all patients. For example, we gently and carefully administer anesthetics in a slow manner, an important aspect in reducing the stress of dental visits. Sometimes, if needed, we may prescribe a pre-treatment drug to reduce anxiety, along with the use of Nitrous oxide. This may greatly reduce the stress of dental treatment.

Dr. Mansperger and our team hope that you will relax and enjoy the peacefulness that comes from knowing that your smile is in gentle, competent hands. We incorporate state-of-the-art technologies in our practice to provide patients with top-notch care. The latest dental advancements allow us to easily gather information about your oral health without unwarranted discomfort or intrusion.

The replacement of fluorescent bulbs (1900 watts) with LED (600 watts) lighting eliminates the buzz/hum audio sound and the heat that was created by these archaic devices. It also eliminates the need to climb ladders to exchange burned out bulbs every several months and dispose of them. The LED's have a lifetime as long as 20 years.

In the interest of sustainability, bamboo flooring has been installed throughout the office. Bamboo matures in 6 years, where the more common woods, oak, maple, pine trees take many years to grow to a point where they are cut and used for flooring. Bamboo is a grass.

Vacuum System
We replaced the central vacuum that evacuated waste through devices used in the mouth for waste water, saliva, and blood created by routine dental procedures. Instead, we have a dry-vacuum system, which reduces the amount of water used from 150-300 gallons daily to a maximum of amount of 1 gallon. This is a substantial savings regarding water waste. In the process of evacuating, we are also catching any mercury and separating it from the water going into the municipal sewage system. This mercury comes from old silver amalgam fillings that may have to be removed.

Digital Radiography
The change to digital radiography has eliminated the need to develop film and generate harmful chemicals which were dumped into our sewer system and the lead packaging are trucked away to waste disposal facilities.

Becoming a "paperless" office, by the way of computers, we have greatly reduced the paper waste generated by the systems of the past.

Water Source
To eliminate the need to purchase, transport and dispose of plastic water bottles, we are distilling our own water. This is used in all the water lines of our dental equipment, which sustains the life of the equipment as well contains less pollution and contamination for drinking.

Reduction of Plastic Waste
We are in the process of replacing as many of the plastic, air, water, and suction tips with stainless steel so as to reduce or eliminate that which adds more waste into the environment as well as demand of petroleum products.

Also, we have begun to phase out the single use paper sterilization bags in exchange for reusable fabric bags that been utilized in the medical profession for years. Just one more component to the waste that has been generated from the typical dental office of the past, that we are working to change.

The Future
For the future, we are purchasing a device, which has been available in the medical communities for about 15 years, which sterilizes and renders sharps and needles harmless. It also reduces the medical waste that would normally have been trucked away every few months to a waste facility. Now, we will be able to accomplish this in house and render waste safe for ordinary refuse disposal.

In the spring of 2015, we are planning on installing roof-top alternative energy.

We feel great about what we are doing and hope that the enthusiasm will connect with others, as each takes small steps to heal the environment.