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  • Dental Sealants for Adults and Kids

    What is a dental sealant?

    A dental sealant is a coating of thin resin that is applied directly on the chewing surfaces of healthy, cavity-free back teeth, where decay occurs...

About Our Dental Team

With a combined 50 years of dental experience, every member of Dr. Mansperger's dental team shares his commitment to excellence and his philosophy of putting patients' wishes first. We will listen to you carefully so we provide you with the dental care that's right for you, based on what you want and need.

There are 3 philosophies that our team strongly believes in when practicing dentistry:

Integrity: We will offer all options to our patients, of which each considers lifestyle, monetary availability, and that which is necessary vs. elective.

Accountability: We stand by what we have have created, and if it is unacceptable to the patient, it will be corrected.

Competence: The doctor practices the principles that he learned in school, not the short-cuts that some doctors are using in today's age to increase their productivity rather than focusing on the quality.