Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are extremely valuable for endentulous (missing all teeth) patients that have loose lower dentures and want an easy solution to secure them in place. Most denture patients have highly resorbed jawbones and bone augmentation, bone graft, is required for a standard dental implant solution. Moreover, health status of many senior citizens contraindicates invasive dental treatment, such as the conventional implant. The shorter treatment time translates to lower costs as well; an important factor because implants are not typically covered by dental insurance programs.

Although not as widely utilized, many mini implants are FDA approved to be used for fixed crown and bridge installations as well. Proper case selection is critical but the available literature has demonstrated success that rivals standard implants. This means if you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, a mini implant may be placed and a crown fabricated to cement on to the head of the implant.

What is involved in placing mini-implants?

Mini dental implants are placed and restored in a minimally invasive procedure in a standard dental office under local anesthetic. After a review of patient health history a standard dental panoramic x-ray may be used for initial diagnostics. Using mini dental implants to secure a lower full denture is a generally accepted use for the mini.

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