Dr. Cyril Mansperger Founder, Dentist

Dr. Mansperger graduated from Georgetown Dental School with an additional study from John Hopkins and has been pursuing his passion for dentistry for over 25 years. He has been a resident of the Hudson Valley since 1981 where he raised three children and developed his excellent reputation.

After many years of establishing a loyal following in Cold Spring and Beacon with his solo practice in 2017, he launched his lifelong dream of Mountainview Dental in Beacon, NY.

Mountainview Dental is a full-service patient-oriented private focusing on health, functionality, and cosmetic design. The practice incorporates modern technology and experience while blending art and science into all dental procedures. Dr. Mansperger passionately believes that all dental work should be functionally and aesthetically pleasing.

Outside the world of dentistry, Dr. Mansperger enjoys sailing, music, and pursing knowledge. He also is actively involved in alternate energy sources and promoting the use of eco-friendly materials whenever possible.


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