We want to thank you for visiting the Mountainview Dental website! Our goal is for your first visit to be one of comfort and acknowledgement of your personal dental needs.

With a combined 50 years + of dental experience, every member of Mountainview Dental’s team shares the commitment to excellence and the philosophy of putting patients’ wishes first. We will listen to you carefully so we provide you with the dental care that’s right for you, based on what you want and need.

There are 3 philosophies that our team strongly believes in when practicing dentistry:

  • Integrity: We will offer all options to our patients, of which each considers lifestyle, monetary availability, and that which is necessary vs. elective.
  • Accountability: We stand by what we have created, and if it is unacceptable to the patient, it will be corrected.
  • Competence: The doctor practices the principles that he learned in school, not the short-cuts that some doctors are using in today’s age to increase their productivity rather than focusing on the quality.

The Mountainview Dental team provides general dental procedures with a special emphasis on health, functionality, and aesthetic design. Modern dentistry blends art and science. We strongly believe that every type of dental work should look good and function well; from dentures to porcelain veneers to dental implants. We will assess your smile, decide what you need to improve beauty and function, and then transform your appearance. Trust and integrity are key factors in any dental relationship. We are always looking for the most appropriate treatment for each patient. Ideal treatment is customized for each patient. It is imperative that the doctor and patient come to an active agreement to determine what will serve you, the patient, best.

The foundation of a long term relationship is established at your first visit to our practice, Therefore, if what you have read so far meets your needs and values, we invite you to contact our office to request your New Patient Experience.